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How to Find Out if Someone Has Auto Insurance in California

California Uninsured Motorists FactsDetails
Percentage of Uninsured Drivers in California15.2%
California USA State Rank for Uninsured Drivers12th
Required Insurance in CaliforniaBodily Injury Liability
Property Damage Liability

Do you know how to find out if someone has car insurance in California? Perhaps you were the victim of a hit and run, or the other driver is refusing to give you insurance information after an accident. Knowing how to verify auto insurance coverage in these situations is vital.

California car insurance laws require everyone to have insurance. Keep reading to learn how to find out if another driver is complying with the law.

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How to Tell if Someone Has Car Insurance in California

Can I check if a vehicle is insured? Absolutely. There are a number of steps you can take to find out if someone has auto insurance on their vehicle. If someone gave you their insurance information, you or your insurer can call to verify that the other driver has insurance. California car insurance companies may not give you information directly, but will likely speak with your insurance company.

If the other driver didn’t give you information, it gets a bit trickier.

Read on to find out how to get insurance information in California. This practical advice will work for any state you live in, whether you’re researching how to find out if someone has auto insurance in Texas, California, or Washington.

What if another driver won’t give me his info after an accident?

You may be reading this article because you’re wondering how you can find out if someone has auto insurance if the driver refuses to give any information. This is a situation where it’s important to know what to do if someone won’t give you their insurance information.

What information will I need to verify someone has auto insurance? You should collect as much information as possible to verify insurance, such as the driver’s name, the license plate number, the VIN, and the make/model of the car.

It is possible to check if a car is insured by the number plate and VIN. How? You can make a DMV inquiry to verify auto insurance in California. You will need a valid reason for the inquiry, such as a hit-and-run accident. Read on to find out what websites you can use to check license plate numbers.

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Can I verify car insurance on the California DMV website?

You might be wondering, “Can I go to the California DMV to verify insurance?” Most people hate waiting in line at the DMV. Luckily, the California DMV website allows drivers to check insurance.

You’ll need the license plate number of the vehicle you’re searching for, as well as either the Personal Identification Number (PIN) or the last five digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

What other websites can I use to verify car insurance in California?

Can I verify auto insurance on another website? You could use the DMVs main website if the driver is out of state. You can also contact your insurer for help, especially if the accident was a hit and run.

A police report is useful in these instances, as it can help insurers track down a driver and prove you weren’t at fault. A police report will also help you with avoiding auto insurance fraud after a crash.

We hope our guide has prepared you for the necessary steps to take when tracking down a vehicle’s insurer. Ready to buy California auto insurance? If you’re looking to save on California auto insurance quotes, enter your ZIP code into our free tool below.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Find Out if Someone Has Car Insurance in California

How can I find out if a driver is insured in California? We hope we’ve answered this question for you. If you’re still wondering about something, read on to see what other drivers are asking about California auto insurance.

#1 – Is the Motor Insurance Database in the USA?

No. The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is only in the UK. Although auto insurance laws are different in the US compared to the UK, the DMV is the equivalent of the UK MID.

#2 – Are drivers in California required to carry auto insurance?

Yes. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), all drivers in California must have property damage and bodily injury liability insurance.

The required liability coverage in California is as follows:
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Make sure you have at least this much coverage. If you get pulled over, you’ll need to show you meet the California proof of insurance requirements.

#3 – What is vehicle insurance verification?

You may hear the term vehicle insurance verification thrown around when you’re trying to find out if a vehicle is insured. Vehicle insurance programs include resources like TexasSure or the California DMV.

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#4 – What do I do if I’m in an accident?

Collect as much information as you can and take pictures of the damage. If needed, call the police so you have a report to give to your insurer. The more information you get about the other driver, the easier it will be to find out if they have insurance. What information will I need to verify someone has auto insurance?

Try to at least get the license plate number, as the police can use this to track down a hit and run driver. A VIN or PIN will also help you track down a driver’s insurer in California.

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